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Thursday, November 30, 2017

History of Plastic Surgery in India

History of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a surgical methodology that aides in the reclamation, remaking or rolling out improvements in the human body. The term plastic surgery was extricated from a Greek word plastikos which intend to make or to form. This does not suggest that the patients need to wind up with a phony face! It exclusively goes for upgrading the presence of a man. The reconstructive surgery helps in remaking any piece of the body or its working. Though, corrective surgery goes for enhancing the presence of any part. 
History of plastic surgery in India

Plastic surgery and its source in India: 

The main nitty gritty portrayal of plastic surgical systems was found in the clinical  of the Indian surgery "Sushruta Samhita" amid the 600 B.C. The primary ever plastic surgery repair that was discernibly specified to have repaired a softened nose found up the Edwin Smith Papyrus'  which is a transcript of an Ancient Egyptian restorative  having a place from 3000 with 2500 BC. 

In this way, the reconstructive methods were being drilled as far back as 800 BC. All these perceptible commitments were made by Sushruta who was a doctor and could treat waterfall surgery and other plastic surgeries amid the sixth century BC. The medicinal work that was contributed by Sushruta and Charak were initially composed in Sanskrit and after that it was converted into the Arabic dialect amid 750 AD. 

The British doctors at that point went by India to pick up learning on the Rhinoplasties that was being performed by the local procedures. The reports of this Indian Rhinoplasty method was then distributed in the year 1794 in Gentleman's Magazine. Be that as it may, after this Joseph Constantine Carpue spent very nearly 20 years in India contemplating the neighborhood plastic surgical strategies in the Western world in the year 1815. At that point Sushruta Samhita made further adjustments on his systems of plastic surgery. 

The Romans additionally began playing out the plastic corrective surgery like ear repairing by using straightforward systems. They normally procured their insight by perusing s that were being composed by the Greek forerunners who deserted some incredibly exact portrayals. In any case, the surgical methodology were not considered as normal, since regardless it included dangers in the techniques. Until the point when anesthesia was built up the surgeries included extraordinary wellbeing dangers and an immense agony. The utilization of sterile strategies and disinfectants likewise diminished the odds of diseases. At that point it was altogether trailed by the utilization of anti-infection agents like sulphonamide and penicillin. 

Later on in the year 1793, Francois Chopart performed lip surgery by including the utilization of a fold from the neck. In 1814, Joseph Carpue was fruitful in performing such surgeries on the British Military officer who has lost his nose because of the dangerous impacts of the mercury treatment. This surgical detail was distributed by a German specialist in the year 1818. 

Antiquated Indian technique for nasal recreation: 

Nasal recreation might be a typical system now, yet nasal reproduction was created right on time amid the starting point of plastic surgery. They utilized cheek fold or middle temple fold to redress a harmed nose. This antiquated strategy was assessed to be performed by Smith Papyrus and was composed for around 3000 BC. 

The principal definite portrayal of the surgical substitution of the surgically expelled nose was specified on the Indian surgery in Sushruta Samhita amid 600 BC which had their initial starting point in the Vedas. This strategy at long last changed the course of Plastic surgery in Europe and different parts of the world. To improve the mending technique of herbs, cotton fleece and sesame oil were utilized as a dressing. Later on, when the unite recuperated totally, the tissues were cut off and joined on the cheek. 

Not just this, Sushruta additionally specified about the pre and post-agent guidelines. Subsequent to sewing the territory, he utilized ghee and nectar on the zone and afterward secured with a cotton and bandage. At that point he tied the region neither too tight or excessively lose. There are a portion of the other proof too that demonstrated the way that it is India just which demonstrated the inception of plastic surgery. The other plastic surgery systems that likewise had root in India- 

Face Transplantation-There have been late ions about the cause of a face transplant in our old India. We as a whole realize that Lord Shiva joined elephant's make a beeline for his own children head amid the Vedic period. Hence these ideas were the inception that presented and energized facial transplant. 

Facial remaking This was specified in the Ayurveda by Sushruta in the 600 BC where he portrayed the assortment of neighborhood folds that are as yet utilized for facial plastic surgery. He depicted the methods of nose remaking, ear cartilage repair, skin uniting, wound recuperating and consume mind.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Breast Lift Mumbai


Ladies who are despondent with their bosom appearance because of drooping may search out Breast Lift surgery. Bosom Lift is a restorative surgery methodology intended to lift the bosoms into a more young position. As we get more established the bosoms, similar to whatever remains of the body, start to list, however this can be quickened by pregnancy and nursing or a huge weight reduction. The Breast Lift surgery might be performed individually or in blend with different methods, frequently a Breast Augmentation. Numerous ladies consolidate the bosom lift with the bosom increase to both upgrade bosom size and lift the bosoms. 

On the off chance that you are keen on adapting more about bosom revival and to see whether a bosom lift might be appropriate for you, contact our office to plan your counsel with Dr. Karkhanis today. Amid your counsel, Dr. Karkhanis will get some information about your objectives and worries, and in addition your restorative history to get a thought of the best system get ready for accomplishing your objectives.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hymenoplasty Failure – Beware

Hymenoplasty Failure – Beware

We have as of late gotten various patients who have been worked with a fold hymenoplasty. A thin film was made from one edge of vagina and a restricted hymen opening was made at the flip side. While this not just prompts asymmetry of the hymen opening, the recently reproduced film burst in various patients we saw as of late in a couple of days after hymenoplasty or amid the following time frames, prompting a wide hole and tears in the layer. This prompt a wide opening in the hymen and a thin opening on one side. Various edges were seen going towards the little opening in the underlying days before this break. In various patients, this break occurred with ordinary or moderate strolling since this made a ton of extend on the layer with ensuing burst. While this is a strategy, which can be effortlessly recognized by anybody mindful of a little life systems of this area, all hymenoplasties performed utilizing this procedure were un-effective. The joined pictures demonstrate the system utilized and the resulting wide hole in hymen that occurred even with no movement by any stretch of the imagination, prompting hymenoplasty disappointment. 
Image result for hymenoplasty

We exceptionally recommend all patients experiencing hymenoplasty to completely look through the ability of the specialist and facility playing out this methodology. While it can cost you less, the result can be more awful than some time recently. In the event that you have to orchestrate cash, it is smarter to hold up than to experience flawed hymenoplasty strategies with more terrible results

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Liposuction is Not a Weight Loss Surgery

Liposuction is Not a Weight Loss Surgery

There are a few people who frequently consider liposuction as a treatment for corpulence. However, the truth of the matter is Liposuction fat expulsion isn't a weight reduction surgery and is certainly not a treatment for corpulence. 

Liposuction is a strategy by which individuals can evacuate all the bothersome fats which can't be expelled by eating less carbs or activities. At times it winds up plainly extreme to dispose of some additional unyielding fats of the stomach area, flanks, and thighs. In these cases, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish a more molded body, individuals settle on liposuction or liposculpture. 

CCRS Liposuction


Liposuction (Fat evacuation surgery) has been the most prominent type of plastic surgery for a considerable length of time. Is liposuction safe? Indeed, this technique has been demonstrated as the most secure strategy. A large number of individuals had appreciated the formed assume that they got post technique. Liposuction is regularly joined with a tummy tuck, bosom growth to accomplish the best reviving outcomes. 

Fundamentally, Liposuction is a fat extraction strategy that causes the disposal of fat cells from different parts of the body. Men and ladies incline toward playing out this system on zones like underarms, hips, thighs, midriff, paunch, button, and so on. 

Who can be an ideal contender for liposuction? 

Individuals having a typical weight frequently need to evacuate some fundamental hardheaded fat keeping in mind the end goal to get a formed fulfilling body. So individuals with the accompanying criteria's can experience a liposuction system: 

The hopeful must have an all around looked after body. 

Individuals with ordinary weight and other typical wellbeing conditions can likewise decide on this technique. 

These competitors must have some determined fats in little ranges which can't be dispensed with by activities or eating routine control. 

The hopeful must need to candidly and physically steady. 

He or she should keep sensible desires from the surgery. 

Individuals of no higher age point of confinement can experience Liposuction. 

Territories that Liposuction can treat: 

Thighs (Thigh Liposuction) 

Hips (Hip Liposuction) 

Bottom (Butt Liposuction) 

Guts (Stomach Liposuction) 

Midsection (Vaserlipo) 

Upper arms (Liposuction Arms) 

(Back Liposuction) 


Cheek, button, neck (Cheek Liposuction) 

Calves (Calf Liposuction) 

Lower legs (Ankle Liposuction) 

Different Techniques of Liposuction: 

The Tumescent Technique: This procedure incorporates infusion of a consolidated blend of medications that on the greasy patches. Keeping in mind the end goal to play out this technique, specialists perform nearby anesthesia on the part to be dealt with. At last, the fat is suctioned out from the body. 

The Super Wet Technique: The super-wet strategy a restorative arrangement is being infused into the range of treatment yet in a littler sum (in contrast with the tumescent system). At that point the fat is being sucked out in an indistinguishable procedure from in Tumescent Technique. 

The Ultrasound Lipoplasty: This includes the utilization of ultrasound vitality to release the fats lastly break the fat cells. These fat cells eventually get blended with a saline arrangement that is blended with an emulsifier. Toward the finish of the method, this fat is sucked out with a cannula. 

Favorable circumstances of Liposuction: 

One session of the technique can be sufficient to reshape your body and give you the coveted shape. 

At least one than one zones can be treated with this system. 

Concentrated fats can be effortlessly evacuated with zero downtime. 

Liposuction can be performed under nearby anesthesia. 

This is considered as the most solid and ordinary non-intrusive treatment. 

The cost of Vaser lipo (Liposculpture cost) is reasonable. 

What liposuction can't give: 

It isn't a treatment for stoutness. 

It isn't a substitute path for appropriate eating routine and exercise. 

Not the treatment for cellulite. 

Hang skin can't be redressed by Liposuction. 

Sensible conclusion: 

Liposuction (Laser lipo) is no chance a get-healthy plan and it is unequipped for evacuating stretch imprints. The constraint of this fat expulsion technique is just taking out hardheaded fats from little, confined collected fats. A perfect contender for liposuction (Laser lipo) must be the person who is very much aware of a shaped body. Experiencing liposuction (vaserlipo) does not mean skirting the day by day activities and eating methodologies. 

Keep up a solid way of life and relish your shaped body!

Monday, November 6, 2017

What does Mommy Makeover Include?

What does Mommy Makeover Include?

Being a mother is presumably the best thing that can occur in the life of any lady. Being a mother likewise changes your life and body. 

Truly, that is so valid. Much of the time, it is watched that ladies lose their thin and trim figure after pregnancy or infant birth. 

However, don't stress! Presently specialists can enable you to get back your pre-pregnancy body line by a Mommy Makeover method. All things considered, Mommy Makeover isn't a solitary methodology, yet it is a mix of systems to bring the pre-pregnancy appearance. Specialists prescribe it to patients when exercise and eating routine control has fizzled. 

What does Mommy Makeover incorporate? 

▪ Breast expansion 

▪ Breast lift 

▪ Body shaping or Liposuction 

▪ Tummy tuck 

▪ Buttock expansion 

▪ Vaginal restoration 

➢ Breast expansion 

Bosom expansion is for each one of those ladies who have lost the volume of their bosom or have negligible drooping because of it. With the Breast Augmentation system, bosom inserts are utilized to build the extent of the bosom and reestablish the bosom volume. Silicone filled inserts are most famous as a bosom embed. Bosom enlargement is normally a lasting method yet on occasion the embed should be supplanted. 

The reactions of the strategy may incorporate brief soreness and swelling. Downtime required is substantially less and one can continue her exercises following possibly 14 days relying upon the speed of recuperation. 

➢ Breast lift 

Bosom Lift likewise is known as Mastopexy is an option system to remedy saggy hanging bosoms. The strategy incorporates evacuating overabundance skin and bosom tissue to fix and reshape to give another bosom form. Amid the bosom lift surgery regularly the bosoms are set in a higher position to lift the position of the areola and areolae. Ladies who considerimplants awkward can pick this system. 

The reactions of this method are like that of the Breast Augmentation technique, which incorporates distress, swelling, wounding and scars, however the scars will blur away step by step with years. However, it can give an enduring impact. Downtime included is up to 14 days. 

➢ Liposuction 

Liposuction is a procedure by which you can accomplish your since a long time ago wanted body shape. The system includes sucking out the fat from various parts of the body. Liposuction can enable you to get the best body form yet this isn't a get-healthy plan nor is it the treatment of stoutness. It can just expel the willful fats on body parts which you can't dispose of even in the wake of slimming down and work out. You can return back to your day by day tasks following possibly 14 days or as proposed by your specialist. 

➢ Tummy tuck 

A level and all around conditioned tummy is constantly wanted by everybody. Free or listing skin because of maturing, change in weight, pregnancy, earlier surgery or heredity. Tummy tuck surgery for the most part known as Abdominoplasty evacuates undesirable fat or skin, isolate muscle to make smooth and firmer mid-region. 

The recuperation of the system is moderate and you can backpedal to your calendar following three weeks or all the more relying upon your condition. Take your specialists recommendations before continuing your work. The last outcomes can demonstrate dramatical change which you need to keep up. 

➢ Buttock increase 

Butt expansion is prevalent as Brazilian Butt Lift is a methodology by which one can build the measure of her butt cheek or reshape, by exchanging fat from the other segment of the body. It is the safe non-obtrusive technique and has minimal odds of bringing about any disease. The best piece of the strategy is getting a double advantage. The recuperation time is up to seven days or according to your specialist's guidelines. 

➢ Vaginal revival 

Vaginal revival additionally is known as "female genital plastic surgery" is a method that incorporates vaginal fixing and mending different issues in the wake of conceiving an offspring of a child. Laser and Radiofrequency both can be utilized to fix the vagina. 

In the event that you will get back your pre-pregnancyshape, at that point rush! Counsel with any accomplished corrective specialist and get back your appealing look!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Choose Liposuction (by Vaser), Not Liposuction

Choose Liposuction (by Vaser), Not Liposuction 

Distributed on December 16, 2014 by Center For Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery - Dr Sameer Karkhanis 

One might be sound, however they may not really look solid. For the wellbeing cognizant, it is constantly distressing how no measure of standard abstaining from food and working out appears to demonstrate the coveted impacts on their body. While the weight scale demonstrates a solid figure, one's own particular figure talks generally. Liposuction, while not a remain in for a solid way of life, can absolutely enable a man to perceive how their body turns sound. 

Image result for vaser liposuction

Throughout the years, Liposuction has picked up fame as a generally decided on plastic surgery technique. In the surgery, specialists separate and dispose of abundance fat in the patient through little cuts, abandoning them looking conditioned. In any case, in spite of prevalent thinking, Liposuction isn't a stoutness treatment. It is only a segment of Body Contouring, where one's body will be reshaped, yet with a specific end goal to see a more modest number on the weight scale, regardless they have to eating regimen and work out. 

Plastic surgery, overall, has turned into significantly more well known over the previous decade and an ever increasing number of individuals are selecting to look better and can rest easy. Liposuction, particularly, is favored by numerous on account of how in a perfect world it disposes of undesirable fat from the stomach, thighs, extra layers, hips, knees, rump, neck and face that doesn't react to exercise or eating less carbs and gives the patient a pure shape. While it does take about seven days from a man's calendar, it's absolutely not a terrible plan to put some time in something that gives great outcomes by the day's end, is it now? 

Of late, Vaser Lipo has been a developing pattern among patients going for Body Contouring.VASER is third era inner ultrasound which very tissues specific and targets just the fat cells. It is more secure than conventional Liposuction as it utilizes ultrasonic waves to separate and separate fat cells keeping in mind the end goal to expel them and doesn't hurt different tissues (like veins and nerves).Liposuction is along these lines now "Liposelection".This brings about lesser wounding and downtime post surgery. VASER liposelection presents an edge over the regular methodology by permitting expulsion of bigger measures of fat which was at first hazardous because of blood misfortune. Recuperation even after an expansive volume liposuction is quicker and alright with VASER. 

The body forming surgeries are tweaked from patient to understanding contingent upon the sum and area of fat to be suctioned, the nearness of free skin VASER lipo gives patients special, sheltered and successful body molding elective. Vaser Lipo is valuable for anything from minor touch-ups to more major changes.The comes about are smoother and the time spent in the recuperating procedure is ostensible. As a result of its sensible complete and exactness, patients now lean toward Vaser Lipo over conventional Liposuction.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Importance of Breast Reduction for a Woman in India

Importance of Breast Reduction for a Woman in India

Females with oversize bosoms frequently persevere through a ton of medical problems and enthusiastic uneasiness with their larger than usual bosom. Performing overwhelming physical exercises and practicing additionally can be the reason of significant distress. Truth be told, numerous ladies with oversize bosom locate the most wrong fit to their garments and bras over their overwhelming bosoms. 

Importance of Breast Reduction for a Woman in India

Bosom Reduction for Women in India: 

Bosom lessening surgery additionally prominent as Reduction Mammoplasty is ideal for such battling ladies. Bosom surgery is performed to decrease the bosom measure by expelling the additional fat and glandular bosom tissues and bring it into a petite, minimized frame. Regularly the areola is diminished in estimate or the areola complex is repositioned in some proper position. 

A definitive objective of Breast Reduction technique is to: 

Give bosoms that are proportionate to the body. 

Influence the bosoms to light weight and petite. 

Give them another life which is effortless and with various attire choices. 

Enhance physical and mental conditions related with the condition 

Studies say that there are various ladies in India experiencing oversize substantial bosoms related with incalculable medical issues like back torment, neck and shoulder torment, wrong stance, astringent individual encounters, skin rashes, and so forth. Specialists settle these issues (much of the time) by performing mammoplasty or bosom diminishment surgery. 

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Who can be Considered as the Best Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery in India? 

Ladies who don't have any genuine infections and is in a steady wellbeing and mental condition. 

The applicants ought not be dependent on drinking and smoking as that would defer the recuperating procedure. 

Ladies whose bosom have officially formed into a completely developed and is larger than usual. 

Bosom shape, the level of sagging quality, skin flexibility, the projection of areola. 

The hopeful must keep sensible desire from the surgery. 

Sorts of Breast Reduction Most Suitable for Indian Women: 

➢ "Scarless" or "keyhole" Breast Reduction by Liposuction. 

➢ Circum-areolar Breast Reduction or Breast Reduction with a donut formed cut. 

➢ Vertical scar Breast Reduction or candy entry point. 

➢ Inverted entry point bosom decrease. 

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The Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure: 

The Breast Reduction surgery is performed through entry points on bosoms to expel the over the top fats and glandular tissues. Sometimes, the fat can be evacuated by performing Liposuction if the bosom comprises essentially of greasy tissue, the skin envelope is flexible and the bosom isn't ptotic. Yet, in the event that abundance skin or glandular tissues are the reason then Liposuction won't not be that powerful. In such cases, the decrease of bosom measure is performed by influencing entry points of different shapes as required to deliver to the issue. 

The Breast Reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The areola may be repositioned to give an immaculate look. The edge of the areola is lessened if required. The fundamental glandular bosom tissues are lifted up and reshaped. For extraordinary oversize bosoms regularly the areola and the areola may be transplanted as a free join. 

The entry points lines will be perpetual obviously, will blur away with years. The recuperation time may shift from individual to individual. The patient will be given a supporting bra or a versatile gauze after the surgery to help the swelling and wounding. 

Why is Breast Reduction imperative for ladies in India? 

As of now talked about before, huge, oversize bosoms can be the explanation behind absolute uneasiness and worry in everyday existence of ladies in India. These ladies confront trouble in performing day by day physical exercises including strolling and works out. So here are the accompanying reasons why ladies in India must know about their concern and go for the Breast Reduction surgery: 

✓ Say bye-bye to torment in the back and shoulder and lead an agony free life. 

✓ No a greater amount of the excruciating bra tie marks. 

✓ Allows you to look for the privilege estimated garments with an appropriate fit 

✓ Avoid visit skin diseases in the bosom folds 

✓ No a greater amount of uneasiness in performing everyday physical exercises.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Upward Trend of Gynecomastia Surgery in India

Upward Trend of Gynecomastia Surgery in India

Gynecomastia is a state of bosom augmentation in men that can happen because of different reasons. Gynecomastia can influence both of the bosoms or special case which gives the presence of uneven bosoms. 

Gynecomastia Traetment CCRS

Gynecomastia in India: 

It has been recorded that close around 40-60 % of men of India are experiencing Gynecomastia. This expansion of bosoms can happen at any age because of vacillations in the hormonal level or reactions of any medicines. In any case, as a rule, the reason is obscure. Gynecomastia isn't a sickness yet a physical condition that does not cause any physical issue for men, but rather it might make an incredible effect on the confidence. In the present age where self-perception is everything and going shirtless is in on and off screen, it can have a serious mental effect on a man. Particularly when Gynecomastia is serious, it can likewise turn into a reason for significant shame socially. For a long time, men didn't know about an answer and how to dispose of this issue. Yet, as the mindfulness has spread with the assistance of the web, men are understanding that there is an answer accessible. 

Plastic specialists now perform Gynecomastia surgery here in India with negligible scars and unsurprising tasteful results. This surgery decreases the bosom estimate in men and encourages them pick up a complimenting, improved chest shape ingraining trust in self. 

India has an expansive number of restorative specialists who spend significant time in male bosom decrease, body forming by means of liposuction, tummy tucks, and different other body shaping strategies. Specialists in India are profoundly gifted and experienced in accomplishing the best characteristic outcomes. In this way, in the event that you need the best gynecomastia surgery to be done, at that point begin looking into on different centers and clinics in your city. 

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Surgical method for Gynecomastia: 

Prior to the method, plan a discussion with a board ensured plastic specialist. Your specialist should influence you to comprehend the technique subtle elements, its plausible symptoms, inconveniences and the last outcomes. The surgery is performed under intravenous sedation with nearby anesthesia or general anesthesia. The surgery is generally performed in two courses relying upon the state of the bosom. 

VASER Liposuction methodology is favored by the specialists when there is a nearness of inordinate fat in the male bosom. To dispose of this basic fat, VASER Liposuction is the best method and the best quality level today, that can be connected to accomplish a shaped masculine chest. Two 4 mm entry points are made, the fat is first broken up utilizing VASER ultrasonic tests and afterward sucked out through empty suction cannulas. This guarantees smooth forms, finish fat/delicate organ evacuation and better skin compression post strategy. 

Extraction Technique is done notwithstanding the VASER in patients with hard measured glandular tissue notwithstanding the fat. A lot of free skin and hanging of the bosom will likewise be a sign for this strategy. This method is best for an extreme instances of Gynecomastia. By following a tissue extraction technique which requires both the additional listing skin and glandular bosom tissues tomb evacuated to acquire a level chest. Extractions may be required to change the areola and areola shape. All entry points are made on the common wrinkles of the chest to make the scars unnoticeable. 

Dangers and Downtime Involved in the Surgical Procedure: 

The choice for going for this surgery is your own decision. It is essential to comprehend the dangers related with the surgery. 

The dangers included may incorporate dying, anesthesia dangers, bosom asymmetry, changes in impression of the areolas, torment, undesirable scarring, and so forth. The downtime required for this surgery is 48-72 hours. So you can continue your work from that point onward, however specialists may prescribe not to drive or wear a seat beltunless you are totally fit and experience no uneasiness. You may feel sore bosoms for few days however the meds will be given to you to decrease the uneasiness. You will likewise be given a pressure piece of clothing that will lessen the swelling and enhance the form. It must be worn 24×7 for a month. 


Male bosom decrease surgeries give changeless outcomes, as the method incorporates diminishment of fat, glandular issues, and overabundance skin. It will do ponders for your confidence be that as it may, it is your obligation to keep up your outcomes by keeping up a sound way of life.